About ME

About ME

My world is not contained in a box, therefore, I illustrate, design, paint, and create "stuff"...That is what I love to do, not who I am...I have done all these things most of my life... Schooling starts from grade school to graduate school, -and still puzzled as to why-...but it is done so all I can do is keep MOVING forward...ig

Not a big goal setter but 2015 will find me more determined to create in print + making, silkscreening, and letterpress. But I want to spread out and do new  "stuff" 1. presenting lectures on Fashion-History-Identity, 2. Workshops in art 3.Curator of art shows, 4.art residencies 5.write a few ArT articles 6. Create a new blog....(started and completed this one) I created a Blog 2012-2013 http://starr-page.blogspot.com

 My current blog page will be linked with this website and I plan to write on these topics  art,design,people,fashion,and perhaps make several  vlogs...2015 BEST YEAR EVER! YEAH!

The works you see on this page was in my solo show and these are titled "OLD MAN"

NeEd tO CrEaTE...